A leading  international company specialized in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) strategies designed for self development, retail excellence and business performance

I am Anne Flogny, founder and CEO of Echo Systeme Agency. I am French and I am passionate about the power of symbols and started studying ideograms “kanjis” at university in France with Japanese language course besides economics. I was curious about the meaning hidden behind ideograms and my passion led me to receive scholarship from France to study in Japan for two years.

I continued my academics with an MBA degree specialized in luxury brand marketing and international management from Sup de Luxe, Chaire CARTIER, Paris along with another Master specialized in advertising and communications for FMCG.

I speak French, English and Japanese.

I have two decades of experience with outstanding luxury and retail brands in France, Japan, and Asia: among them, CHANEL, FAUCHON, CHRISTOFLE, and LVMH. My expertise covers sales, customer service, marketing, and overall management of medium size subsidiaries. After a successful career, I decided to create my own training and coaching company to share my expertise, my knowledge, and know-how. As an expert in retail operations, customer service, and etiquette, I  established my company in Kuala Lumpur in 2018 and in Tokyo in 2020.

I am also an NLP practitioner certified from the American Board (ABNLP) and a TimeLine Therapy™ Practitioner. I  have trained individuals and companies in Japan, India, Malaysia for self development and empowerment, retail excellence, cultural impact and specificities, and business performance. I trained more than 35 nationalities.

My mission is to support you as individuals to get a deeper understanding of how our brains work and apply it to your self development, mindfulness, and performance.

Goodwill and connecting our conscious with our unconscious mind is the key to accompany change within ourselves for a more sustainable and abundant society.

Outside of Echo Systeme, I also established a lifestyle brand named “Les Jolies Choses Studio”, it s a conscious lifestyle brand.I cooperated with a fair-trade organization in Malaysia to create ethically produced ready-to-wear clothes and living items.Parts of the brand ‘ s proceeds go back to the women refugees working at the organization.You can follow me on the IG@”Les Jolies Choses Studio”.

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