Do you really know who is your client and his/ her behavioral mode? Do you really know how to create rapport and interact with your client?

In the areas of the art of selling and customer experience, we provide one of a kind training workshops based on cultural spécificities, the best practices used in retail businesses combined with techniques based on the behavioral process.

Interaction between the client and the environment is called the process of behavior. To make a lasting impression called customer experience, it usually involves a substantial commitment of strategies, human touch, time, technology, efforts, and emotions. From the contemplation of the store to the act of purchasing, there is a change in behavior model to be triggered by sales ambassadors, sales team, and sales management through several behavior technics for effectively welcome, engage and retain clients.

Seize the opportunities to excel with our customized workshops!

  • We develop training workshops for retail performance based on Asian and international values, beliefs, etiquette, and business manners.

  • We combine the best practices in retail excellence, hospitality, and etiquette to engage with your teams and clients.

  • The services provided can be adjusted in accordance with brands and companies requirements.

Retail workshops

  • The Art of Selling  : this session alignes brand values, vision, actions and sales techniques in the retail and luxury industry

  • You and I, an operating system: the heart and art of the customer experience. the one-to-one relationship which makes the difference in the retail or luxury industry.

  • How to make your client feel unique: improve your relationship with new and long term clients with a whole new understanding of cues that foster effective communication such as body language, voice tone, and facial expressions.

  • Ambassador etiquette and the Smiles Codes: this session zooms is in the specific for senior and junior training managers, CRM managers, client experience managers, store managers, and sales team members in the luxury industry to master the art of welcoming and retaining new and long term clients.

  • Negotiations technics and cultural specificities: the session focuses on impact of culture differences in the mode of negotiation techniques and successful deals.

  • Care and Excellence for after sales service.

  • The luxury codes for retail brands: a specialized session that helps retail business to develop their own in-house mannerism, etiquette guidelines, and brand signatures and train their employees to adapt successfully to them.

  • Team sustainability: collective intelligence and shared goals

For more on these workshops and their prices per pax, get in touch with us.

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