Echo Systeme Agency Sdn Bhd was established in  2018 as an extension of Anne Flogny’s passion for retail excellence and behavior process models.

Her lifelong mission: to share the light on NLP methods, practical approaches, and deep meanings of self development, retail excellence, and business performance. Social and business etiquette modalities are crucial pillars of today’s world in which we spend more and more time in front of screens, unable to communicate and use our skills in personal and professional relationships.

“I started this company because I believe that etiquette is naturally embedded in our lives as socially conscious creatures. Etiquette is all about respect, tradition, and cultural understanding. NLP programs and practices help to keep our society together and to understand each other, more than ever in today’s global setting ”we need to understand how our mind works to be able to guide it to our objectives, either changing part in our lifes, feeling more self confident, being more efficient at work or getting more results. NLP practices in small groups with role-play approach is the way to integrate this powerful tool for ourselves and to demonstrate it effectively,” Anne says.

Goodwill and methodology taught through NLP technics are the keys to strengthening human relationships. “NLP combined with Etiquette is thus important because people lose control easily nowadays they don’t know how to create and communicate in non-virtual relationships. Anne provides training courses for both individuals and corporate entities in specially booked ad hoc sessions.

For her, NLP strategies combined with know-how Etiquette are the foundation of a mindfulness life, an outstanding customer experience, and a promising retail journey. Her workshops are currently based in Japan, India, Malaysia, Paris and are available in other locations.

There are many types of workshops, from etiquette expertise, retail expertise, and mindset expertise. The most highly sought-after lessons are about personal development and goals achievements, self confidence, posture and voice, how to make your customers feel unique, team sustainability, elegance and modern etiquette, and the gentlemen codes.

“Learning etiquette helps the modern professional to better adapt, communicate, and make decisions in an international environment. As you know, soft skills make all the difference during job interviews. Etiquette, essentially the disciplining of the mind and body, is part of the soft skills one can have. It extends into crucial aspects that make or break a person’s success such as attitude, communication capacity, the ability to listen to others and problem-solving,”

In the areas of NLP techniques, Anne’s lessons focus on self development, the art of selling, through no-nonsense strategies and techniques that teach participants to develop their signature in-house gestures and etiquette guidelines in order to welcome, engage with, and ultimately retain their own clients. In today’s climate wherein diplomacy is perhaps the biggest social and economic tool, a well-thought-out customer service practice is especially crucial for professionals and businesses.

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